13 tips for Friday the 13th

BEAT Cycling Club

Friday the 13th, the day of bad luck. The weather forecast isn’t looking that good for today, which makes riding on this “unlucky” day even more challenging. We’ve put together 13 tips to help you stay safe and comfortable on this day of bad luck (and any other day).

1. Lower your tire pressure
The lower your tire pressure, the larger the tire’s contact area with the road surface, which gives you more grip! Depending on your weight, a pressure of 6 to 6.5 bar with 25mm tires is ideal for more control.

2. Wear (dual) overshoes
Keep your feet dry and warm as long as possible. For the ultimate protection, you can wear two layers; the outer layer can be a thinner rain overshoe or an oversock.

3. Give your feet some room
You might be tempted to put on an extra pair of thick socks to keep your feet warm. However, this can reduce the circulation in your feet. If you want to wear an extra pair of socks, loosen up your shoes to give your feet some extra room.

4. Take dry gloves with you
With soaked gloves you will get cold easily, so take along an extra pair. You can keep them nice and dry under your jersey, against your stomach.

5. Wear something on your head
You can lose up to 40 percent of your body heat through your head, so it’s important to keep it warm and dry. A helmet liner is warm, but a cap will help keep the rain off your face. And, of course, you will wear a helmet!

6. Wear layers
It’s very easy to dress warm, but you can also dress too warm. So put on several layers of clothing, with a windbreaker or rain jacket on top.

7. Use a buff
A buff is ideal to keep your neck and face warm when you first head out. Once you are warm enough, you can lower it or completely take it off. The pioneers can, of course, use the BEAT buff!

8. Eat enough
Make sure you eat enough before and during your ride. When it’s cold you burn more calories than in hot weather, and you want to keep your engine fueled up.

9. Keep your butt dry
All that water splashing up from the road will make your butt wet and cold and increase the potential for chafing, so install a fender or “ass saver” on your bike.

10. Warm up your bottle
Ugh. You’re already cold, and then you take a sip of ice-cold water from your water bottle. No Thermos bottle? The solution is simple: put a bottle in your back pocket, and it will warm up thanks to your body temperature.

11. Go off-road
Ride your mountain bike or cyclo-cross bike. The intensity of your ride will be higher and the speed lower, making it seem much warmer. Plus, it’s lots of fun!

12. Do a shorter, higher-intensity ride
If you don’t have an off-road bike, you can simply do a shorter and higher-intensity workout on the road. Your body will get warmer as you work harder, so adjust your clothing accordingly.

13. Protect your phone
Use a waterproof cover or a sandwich bag to keep your phone dry so you can always call someone in an emergency – you might have some bad luck today. And don’t forget to photograph your epic ride and share the pics with #RoadToBEAT!