4 Add-on apps that will supercharge your Strava


Whether you want to compare yourself with riders around the world or tell your followers about your latest epic, there's absolutely an app for that.

Over the past few years, the popularity of social networks for athletes has grown tremendously. Arguably the most popular interface is the San-Francisco-based Strava, which allows cyclists (and runners) to track their activities via various GPS recording devices and connect with millions of other users around the globe.

By recording and analyzing your workout data, Strava provides competition if desired, motivation through virtual clubs (check out the BEAT club here!), and challenges to push users to new limits. Ultimately, it's an impetus to train more consistently and develop your riding skills. Strava also provides their API set, which allows savvy developers to access Strava’s data. With it, anyone can design and build apps that ‘boosts’ the Strava experience. 

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Foto: Getty