5 Tips for cornering mastery


Still trying to figure out how to carve the best line going into your turns? These tricks should help you up your game.

The fastest way from point A to point B may be a straight line, but rarely is it the most fun. The best trips by bike are filled with twists and turns and glorious sweeping curves. So it's best to know how to steer, which on a bike is a little different from turning the wheel on a car.

You actually steer your bike more with your body than you do with your handlebars, because turning and cornering are mostly about leaning the bike in the direction you want to go. You an see this at work without even getting on your bike. Simply walk your bike along a straight line, then, holding onto just the saddle, tip the bike in one direction and see what happens—it turns. Flat, easy turns require little more than a slight turn of the bars and a lean with both body and bike. As the turns become steeper (such as going down a hill), however, good cornering takes a bit more finesse.

To take sharp corners like a pro, you use a cool little maneuver called counter-steering, which is to say you steer a little bit in the direction you don't want to go before launching the bike in the desired direction. Sounds complicated, but once you try it you'll see how easy it really is. To get the picture, imagine you're making a quick, sharp, right-hand turn. s you approach the corner, you turn ever-so-slightly to the left. Almost instantaneously, you'll lean right to maintain balance. As you lean right, you then turn to the right and sweep around the bend.

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Photo: Sportograf