A club that you are a member of and that you can really belong to as supporter

Brenda Ebben

Pioneer Brenda Ebben on her #RoadToBEAT

I’m Brenda Ebben. I’m 41 years old and I love sports, especially cycling, skating and soccer, but really all the sports the Dutch are good at. I’m not a fanatical athlete. I like to ride my bike, but I can only dream of reaching the speed real cyclists achieve during a “slow stage” of a race. I was born with a heart defect, so participating in sports has never been a real option for me. That’s why I enjoy watching athletes when they are engaged in their sport, but I also enjoy the stories behind them, what they should do and what their motives are.

I like biking, swimming and being outdoors. I used to walk a lot, but because of a permanent injury I can’t do this anymore, and since then I’ve ridden my bike. On the bike you see much of the area and you can really enjoy nature.

Professional cycling is also a beautiful thing to watch. The effort, the willpower and the perseverance the riders show is amazing. I have enormous admiration for that. I also find it nice to look at the scenery that they ride through.

I became a BEAT Cycling Club pioneer because I think it’s a great initiative. No more sponsors that give their name to a team, but a club that you are a member of and that you can really belong to as a supporter. So it is much closer for me, and I feel really connected with the riders I’m a fan of. I can also help financially; even though it is not much, it is for a good cause.

In the future I hope BEAT Cycling Club will have a fully professional team and participate in the big races. I hope that the beautiful appearance of this project will entice more teams to do it the same way.