A great 19th-edition Egmond-Pier-Egmond for Piotr

Piotr Havik

I can look back at the 19th edition of Egmond-Pier-Egmond with satisfaction. I managed to fight for the podium and finally achieved my goal of finishing in the top five. In total there were 3,700 participants, of which 331 were competitive cyclists.

It was a cold edition, the sand was heavy and the wind was head on from the start. It was going to be a very tactical race. Luckily, I could (for the first time in my beach racing history) start from the front row. With that advantage I was among the top 10 when we reached the beach.  

A hundred additional riders, however, came back into the peloton, leaving us with a very large group heading to the turning point, “The Pier” in Castricum. Two kilometers before the turning point, the battle for a good position began. I managed to grab the wheel of former winner Timothy Dupont and made the turn in the top 15.

From that moment the wind was at our backs and we managed to achieve a speed of over 50 kilometers per hour as we headed toward Egmond. We still needed to leave the beach one more time, at the dunes of Castricum. At the end of this section I entered the beach again in sixth position. I was not able to stay close to Timothy and Belgian champion Bert van Lerberghe. They were in a three-man group behind the leader (and winner) Jordi Buskermolen. I was riding in the third group with Sebastian Langeveld, Ronan Zandbeek and Thijs Zonneveld.

With this group I needed to battle for fifth place. I left the beach first out of the group and was able to maintain this position to the finish.  My goal (top five) has now been achieved, and now it’s time for the next step of my personal #RoadToBEAT. The next few weeks I will be training in Spain to prepare for the road season.

All the results of Egmond-Pier-Egmond can be found here.

You can check my Strava for my personal race information. If you have questions about beach racing, do not hesitate to ask. I can be reached at piotr@beatcycling.club.