Aftermovie: First edition of Café BEAT was a great success!

BEAT Cycling Club

The first edition of Café BEAT was a great success and we would like to thank all those attending for that! Many great ideas have emerged that we as a coordination team can continue to implement into our club.

With this first edition of Café BEAT, BEAT wants to present a new concept to its members: combining an informal café setting with cycling guests, with the well-known BEAT brainstorming where the members are involved in the further development of the club.

A few of the ideas that stood out during the final pitches were:

  • To organize a competition, for example, to win a race experience from within the team car
  • Contact with the mechanics, soigneurs and staff to get a look behind the scenes at the races
  • Creating a platform for BEAT members, on which rides can be planned together with other members

Pioneer David Vlieghe reacted enthusiastically after the great evening in Rotterdam: Very nice to think about how we as members can be at the race, together with Egon van Kessel. Sitting in the team car for a day is a real dream, let alone that I can come see my pro team at almost every Belgian race!

Check out the aftermovie below: