An employer and stimulator for women and men in the hard world of cycling.

Lien Verhaegen

Pioneer Lien Verhaegen about her #RoadToBEAT

The first time I came into contact with BEAT Cycling Club was at a fair in Rosmalen with my friend and his father. My friend was immediately sold by the BEAT Cycling Club story and convinced me later to support this project and become a pioneer.

I am in favor of reform within the sport of cycling and I would like to contribute to this. Since I’m active at the competitive level, the bike has an even more important place in my life. I am a member of the Equano Cycling Team and busy in my third season in competition. Bicycling is transportation – previously to school and now mainly to work – and it also means training hard to achieve my goals. It is in part to get stronger, but it is especially because of the love, pleasure and freedom I experience on the bike.

This year, I am focused on racing major UCI races and trying to achieve good results. In addition, I want to show myself in the Belgian cycling championships in Antwerp. Beyond the competitive aspect, I think it is important to have fun with my teammates. Cycling is and remains a hobby, because in addition to the racing and training I’m also working full-time at the Multipharma pharmacy of Westerlo as a pharmacy technical assistant. It is therefore not always easy to finish my workouts before or after work, but thanks to good support it is still possible. 

Being self-employed on a women’s squad, I think it is important that BEAT Cycling Club be committed to promoting women’s cycling at all levels – because women want respect for what they do and should not always be in the shadow of the men. Many female riders have jobs or are still studying in addition to racing and therefore cannot focus 100 percent on the sport. I am convinced that so many young talents have been lost because of this. For me, BEAT Cycling Club will have succeeded only if women’s racing is seriously supported in the club. They should not only have a women’s team but also support women who cycle for fun. Of course, it would be great to break the cliché that cycling is a man’s world and have women also determine the BEAT Cycling Club policy. In other words, in an ideal world, I see that BEAT Cycling Club is an employer and stimulator for women and men in the hard world of cycling.

Have fun with cycling #RoadToBeat, Lien Verhaegen