BEAT absolutely has added value for professional cycling

Dominique Curfs

Pioneer Dominique Curfs about his #RoadToBEAT

My name is Dominique Curfs. I am 25 years old and was born in Meerssen, where I run a women’s clothing store called ’t Boetiekske together with a girlfriend. After wanderings via Ulestraten, Tongeren (Belgium), Treignac (France) and Maastricht I ended up back in Meerssen after 20 years.

Because of the long distances that I always had to ride to school in Belgium and France, I came into contact with the sport of cycling. In France, where my mother had a hotel at that time, I always organized tours for the guests in our area, the Corrèze. These ranged from short leisurely rides to challenging mountainous tours. Thus, we let our guests enjoy the surroundings and get to know themselves on challenging routes that we unfortunately do not have in the Netherlands. Now that I am back in the Netherlands, I regularly ride with friends in South Limburg to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and to stay in shape.

When I heard about the Beat Cycling Club project, I did not hesitate to sign up as a pioneer. You see that in the current professional sport there is no stable structure for teams. Unfortunately, WorldTour, Pro Continental and Continental teams come and go constantly, when a main sponsor is lost and the team finds it difficult to acquire a new main sponsor for several years. Hence I believe in the club model of Beat Cycling Club, which absolutely has added value for professional cycling.

Finally, I hope that Beat Cycling Club can grow into a stable cycling club in the professional sport, with a good structure and solid base from which to work. Let it serve as a model that contributes positively to the uncertain situation in which riders sometimes find themselves after a team suddenly ceases to exist. I hope that more people will embrace your idea and that this will stimulate the drive to further professionalize the sport!

I wish you all the best with this project and success for the future!

Dominique Curfs