BEAT climbs the highest volcano in Europe

Kees Kerstens

As the first international cycling club, we need to promote our name around the world. Beginning in 2018 we will do this when we make our debut in professional cycling, but until then we need to find other creative ways.

BEAT’s first international adventure took place long before the official launch. A group of Rebels (employees of RebelGroup) climbed Mount Lovcen in Montenegro in April 2016 and showed the power of BEAT: bringing the sport of cycling closer to the fans. The riders received a heroic welcome at the top of Mount Lovcen and BEAT took its first steps in Montenegro. Time for new locations!

BEAT Cycling Club is asking those who love the sport to climb with them to create a successful professional team in 2018. And if you’re talking about climbing, we’re looking for the highest adventure: El Teide. This volcano in Tenerife is the largest in Europe. Some facts about El Teide: 32.7 kilometers of climbing to conquer an elevation of 2,107 meters. The top of El Teide is even higher but is not reachable by bike.

As one of the founders of BEAT, I am very proud to have finished this climb in a BEAT jersey. I can tell you: the color, the logo and the #RoadToBEAT on your sleeve give you more energy to reach the top of the mountain. Don’t believe it? According to Strava I was just 24 minutes slower than Steven Kruijswijk and 37 minutes slower than Wilco Kelderman. Can you imagine how fast those guys would go wearing a BEAT jersey?

This experience gave me an idea: wouldn’t it be great to see the BEAT jersey all over the world? Let’s start a photo collection of pioneers wearing the BEAT jersey in amazing cycling locations! Share your picture with #RoadToBEAT.