BEAT Club Meetup: Kickoff België

Filip Verhofsté

Tuesday 21th of March, spring is in the air!
This is really the perfect moment for BEAT to host the very first Club Meetup in Belgium. We could not have found a better moment…

One by one our BEAT members entered the offices of Rebel, one of the leading companies behind BEAT Cycling Club. Piotr Havik, one of our charming ambassadors, welcomed everybody at the entrance. He just won de GP of Woensdrecht so he is in good shape at the moment. 

After a warm welcome by Serge, Geert Broekhuizen updated everybody again by telling the full story of BEAT and some background information, to make sure everyone knows the complete story of BEAT.

The group is devided in ranges, not for cycling against the wind (not yet) but for a brief brainstorm, because at BEAT the members think en contribute actively to the formation of the club and of the cycling team. How can we make the BEAT team the coolest of the whole peloton? What should be the characteristics of a BEAT cyclist? What is the BEAT factor? How can we involve our members more in the actions and events of the BEAT club and of the BEAT professional cycling team? These may just be words, but this brainstorm really gives us different insights and/or confirms that we’re doing the right thing. 

Clubcoordinator Sam informed everybody about the coming events to wich all members are invited. And we concluded that BEAT is getting more active, multifunctional and above all more ‘present’ every day.

Of course we ended – like always – with a short quiz (“hat on hat off”, for the Belgians this is new, but for the Dutch it seems very familiar). The subject, of course, was the Tour of Flanders (we are in Antwerp after all) and finally quiz is won by a lady. All guys beaten, the BEAT factor is indeed unpredictable and gender neutral!

Strictly according to the schedule we ended the evening at 21.30h and we drank one (or more) Kwaremont beers. With 30 members attending, we had a nice and succesful club meeting!