BEAT Cycling Club officially takes off in Belgium

Serge Cornelus

The comments ranged from “Cool concept!” and “Tell me more!” to a clear “Where do I sign to become a member?”
At the Velofollies international cycling fair in Kortrijk, Belgium, last weekend, the response to the BEAT Cycling Club project was overwhelming. A lot of Belgians seem to be taking a big liking to the club concept we offer.

A lot of new fans

“As a cycling fan, I am really looking forward to being more involved in the team I support. Getting access to a whole load of inspiring and motivating activities and events on top of that is bound to quickly turn me into an enthusiastic BEAT Cycling Club member,” says Peter, one of the many visitors to our booth.

The weekend’s results made everybody in the club more than happy. “A lot of people registered this past weekend: they all want to be kept up to date on where BEAT Cycling Club is heading in the coming weeks and months,” explains Sam Vinck, who helped coordinate the club’s participation at Velofollies.

Professional interest

But not only future fans and members came by our booth. It was energizing to see substantial interest from within the professional world of bikes and cycling. “We had a lot of spontaneous visits from people who work in cycling, from manufacturers and brands,” says BEAT Cycling Club co-founder Geert Broekhuizen. “I also took the opportunity during Velofollies to pay a visit to quite a few potential partners. Their response was also promising. The odds of us reaching our goals are getting better by the day!”