BEAT Cycling Club pursues sustainable growth

BEAT Cycling Club

With the establishment of the first-ever professional cycling team within a club structure, BEAT Cycling Club has taken another major step in its development as a professional cycling club. BEAT is adhering to its philosophy by building on a sustainable, future-proof foundation. Time for an update!

In short:

  1. BEAT embraces professional cycling built on a sustainable, future-proof foundation
  2. BEAT is the fastest-growing cycling club in the Benelux
  3. BEAT is rapidly expanding the benefits it offers members

Ad 1. Professional cycling built on a sustainable, future-proof foundation
BEAT wants to bring professional cycling to cycling enthusiasts and connect them through its sustainable model in a professional cycling club. BEAT recently announced its first professional cycling team, the BEAT Track Team, and continues to work toward the realization of a professional road team. 

During the development of the professional road team, BEAT will always adhere to its core philosophy. That philosophy is formed around the goal of building a sustainable foundation for professional cycling. Our sustainable foundation features revenue from various sources, such as memberships, the BEAT Partner Network, team partners and other activities. We have succeeded in realizing this foundation with the establishment of the BEAT Track Team.

This autumn we will announce our plans for the professional road team. We are still considering starting the team in 2018 or in  2019. The first goal is to set up a UCI Continental team, as this will provide a stable foundation for sustainable growth toward participation in classics races and the Grand Tours. BEAT is here to stay!

Ad 2. Fastest-growing cycling club
BEAT Cycling Club is currently the fastest-growing cycling community in the Benelux, with over 5,000 supporters and more than 500 members. Hundreds of cycling fans ride in our club jersey every week. In addition to the Netherlands and Belgium, where the largest share of our community is based, we have also created a following in Canada, in Australia and in Asia – in Singapore, China and Japan. Both the number of members and our reach are growing daily. BEAT is growing, worldwide! 

Ad 3. Membership
One of BEAT’s main goals is to connect elite cycling to amateur cyclists and cycling fans. BEAT aims to continuously offer new experiences to its members. Since the kickoff back in 2016, many brainstorm sessions with members and discussions with partners have inspired BEAT to create a unique and relevant membership offering. As a result, we are very happy to announce that we are expanding the benefits we offer our members.

The new benefits we offer are aimed at both cycling fans, who will gain interesting insights into the elite sport, and amateur cyclists, who can develop their own skills within the club. What can you expect from us in this next phase?

  • A revamped online clubhouse with unique behind-the-scenes images
  • A new clothing collection through a partnership with a soon-to-be-announced large clothing brand
  • Personal coaching and workshops on training and nutrition
  • The opportunity to apply for a racing license through BEAT
  • Cycling trips and training camps with the club
  • The introduction of an official club bike with the BEAT label
  • Various collaborations with cycling brands that offer high-end products to members

In addition, BEAT will continue organizing events such as the monthly Club Days, clinics and the annual Club Championships. The event calendar will be further expanded through various collaborations.