‘BEAT is creating a revolution in cycling’

Lars van Veen

Pioneer sponsor Lars van Veen on his #RoadToBEAT

The group of pioneers is growing daily, but what kind of people are our pioneers and what are their personal #RoadToBEAT stories? To answer these questions, we are going to highlight our pioneers through our blog. Today we introduce you to Lars van Veen, an 18-year-old HAVO 5 student who has a lot of passion for cycling and music.

I came in contact with the story of BEAT through the article on NOS.nl. The idea of establishing an international professional team with cycling fans as the foundation struck a chord. After studying more about BEAT Cycling Club on the BEAT website, I was immediately sold and I decided to become a pioneer. How beautiful is it when a cycling fan really means something in cycling. Although I am unable to attend the brainstorming sessions, I certainly feel that my contribution is appreciated.

The unique structure is what makes BEAT what it is. The sport of the people is returning to the people. I’ve been a big fan since childhood, and I’ve watched a lot of cycling on TV. How wonderful would it be if BEAT could provide a real revolution in cycling and help the sport? Not by being a short-term jersey sponsor but by engaging a large fan base on a long-term basis. I firmly believe that this project will be a success.

To help promote BEAT, I regularly post about BEAT on my social media channels. These posts attract attention and are receiving positive feedback from my followers. Many of them have asked me: what team is this? In addition to social media, I also talk to friends and acquaintances about BEAT and what you can do with the club. For now, I think it’s important that we all work together to grow awareness of the BEAT brand. The creation of a large fan base is an essential component! I hope my enthusiasm will contribute to this. I look forward to the BEAT rides, where we can meet and talk with other pioneers. Because ultimately it is all about connecting with each other and riding together. 

Finally, I have one piece of advice for other BEAT fans: Share your beautiful story with your friends and family and post BEAT-themed photos regularly on your social accounts with the hashtag #RoadToBEAT. As mentioned earlier, this initiative needs to reach as many cycling enthusiasts as possible, from young to old, from student to manager, from amateur to professional rider. With a little effort from everyone, we can create a revolution in cycling.