BEAT Ride: Parijs - Roubiax

Sjors Kloosterman

As a specialist in the rental and transport of bikes such as mountain bikes and race bikes, I like to get in touch with people and groups with the same interest: riding our bikes (together). When Bobbie asked me if I was interested in the story and the philosophy of BEAT Cycling Club, I was sold! I was and still am very enthusiastic about the revolutionary idea of creating a club with a pro team. That’s why I decided to become a pioneer and help build the club.

My name is Sjors Kloosterman. I’m 42 years of age and I own in Breda, the Netherlands. With a wife and a daughter (age 9) who ride race bikes and a son (age 5) who will soon be doing so as well, we’re also completely cycling minded at home. My #RoadToBEAT this year is #Projectzes: climb Mont Ventoux six times on 06/06 to raise awareness for the battle against the neurodegenerative disease ALS. 

When Sam from BEAT asked me if I wanted to help with the BEAT Ride in the Breda region, I immediately accepted the invitation. Because I regularly organize rides here, I immediately had a few roads in mind for the BEAT Ride: Paris-Roubaix. After making a digital proposal, I rode the course with Sam beforehand so it would be ideal.

The day began with a nice sunrise when I was setting up the signposts, promising a beautiful day with a light southerly wind. After a short time spent decorating, our home base, Moeke Ginneken, had the appearance not only of a Kwaremont Koerse Kaffee but also of a BEAT Clubhouse. When the clock struck 10, many cycling enthusiasts had found their way to Moeke Ginneken. We would ride in four groups of 12 people, each with different speeds. 

Piotr Havik, BEAT ambassador, would guide the fastest group. With two service buses equipped with tools and spare wheels, everyone could feel confident on the eight “secteurs” of cobbles. With a total distance of 66km, different sectors were spread all over the route. Immediately after the first sector I saw a difference in the riders: lightweight versus the heavier riders made for the cobbles. 

After each sector, everyone waited until the group was complete. In Dutch we have a saying: “Leaving together is finishing together.” After the ride we sat in the sun on the terrace of Moeke Ginneken, where all the participants enjoyed a refreshing Kwaremont. When the coverage of Paris-Roubaix started, everyone came inside to watch the race on the big screen. 

It was lovely to hear the stories of all the riders, supported with data from Strava. It was also good to hear that everyone loved the roads. Of course, I would have liked to have ridden myself, but providing backup for the peloton, knowing that everyone was counting on me in case of a flat tire, was also a nice feeling. So I have one message for all pioneers: Tell Sam you’d like to organize a BEAT Ride so you feel much more involved in the club and the #RoadToBEAT. I’m really curious what BEAT Rides will be organized next.

Thanks to all the riders, road captains, Sam and Jos from Moeke Ginneken.