BEAT Track Series: your shot at glory!

BEAT Cycling Club

In the run-up to the upcoming world championships in Apeldoorn, BEAT, in collaboration with Libéma Profcycling, will be hosting the BEAT Track Series in the november and december. An open tournament where, after two rounds of qualification, the best riders are invited to the grand final in Omnisport Apeldoorn on December 16 and 17!

This tournament is accessible to all participants, Dutch or foreign. The idea is simple: the BEAT Track Series is divided into a sprint and endurance series. The sprint series will take place on November 26 in Amsterdam and on December 2 in Alkmaar. The endurance series will begin on November 11 in Alkmaar and will continue in Amsterdam on December 3. At registration, each rider is enrolled for both dates within the series. The best riders out of the two sprint races and the two endurance races will be invited to participate in the finals of December 16 and 17 in Omnisport Apeldoorn. The track where, two months later, the best in the world fight for the coveted rainbow jersey!

Participation can be in the following categories:

Youth boys: up to 40 participants
Youth girls: up to 40 participants
Juniors men: up to 40 participants
Juniors women: up to 20 participants
U23 / Elite Men: up to 40 participants
U23 / Elite Women: up to 20 participants

Subscriptions via KNWU

Do you want to test yourself against the best and join the sprint or endurance series? Sign up quickly, via this link (sprint) or this link (endurance). The registration fee amounts to 5 euros per person per race.