Blog: Back to basics

Theo Maucher

Let me tell you a secret. In addition to a revolution, I am convinced that the sport of cycling also needs something else…

Curious to know what that is? Of course you are.

Mind you: first of all, I don’t doubt for a second that the revolution BEAT Cycling Club is about to bring into the sport is more than necessary. That is why we are going to great lengths to change the financial model behind the team. And to truly involve fans and partners. And to help change the way cycling is broadcast and promoted.

But the sport itself needs more than that. However strange it may sound, we also need to go back to the basics. Please allow me to explain…

In my long career, I have witnessed a lot of novelties being introduced into (pro) cycling. Some disappeared as quickly as they came; others have stayed, often for the better. Like the requirement to and habit of wearing a helmet. Or the introduction of the aerodynamic “triathlon” handlebar for time trial bikes.

Were these novelties revolutionary? Probably not. Let’s call them evolutionary. After all, cycling is a sport that is generally run by “old men.” A bit like me, actually. And there is, of course, the UCI factor that needs to be taken into account. Or its “regulitis,” to be more precise.

But you know what? To some extent, that’s just fine! And I’ll tell you why: as long as so many teams – and I have seen a few in my time – do not master all the basics correctly, the last thing we need is to add rocket science to cycling.

Shall I give you a few examples? Let’s start with something very simple, like tire pressure. I know some people will find it hard to believe, but a large number of riders in the peloton ride races with the wrong tire pressure. Same for the introduction of new equipment in important races: how on earth can you call your team professional when you haven’t fully tested your frames, wheelsets, brakes and so on before using them in real racing conditions?

So if you ask me whether we need a revolution in cycling, I am inclined to say both yes and no. Do you agree? Or not? Don’t be afraid to drop me a line at!

P.S. In the next blog posts I’ll explain how BEAT Cycling Club will try to put “back to basics” into practice.