Blog Dennis Ruijgt: From a normal cyclist to a pro

Dennis Ruijgt

We would like to introduce you to one of our most special pioneers; Dennis Ruijgt! Dennis has one big dream: becoming a professional cyclist. In a number of blogs, he will take us into his development from amateur to professional. In this first blog, Dennis introduces himself and explains why he wants to become a professional at the age of 35.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live like a professional cyclist? Or looking for your best year so far? Well, that was my thought a few months ago. And when the conditions were right, I decided to live as a professional. Experience my personal record. How far can I reach? At the age of 35, cycling since 2011.

My name is Dennis Ruijgt and as a proud member of the BEAT Cycling club I joined this unique platform of cyclists, entrepreneurs and believers in a socially based bicycle model. To learn from each other and to reach both our personal record, also as a club.

My dream and my goal is to ride the Tour de Burkina Faso in October. That's why I have to improve two levels myself to race at N Elite level, so I thought I was the best coach possible. Training with a power meter for the first time, lose weight, resting. All details are devised.

I hope to meet you soon, let me know if you come to Spain, where I start my camp in these winter months, starting in Mallorca, then Calpe and now in beautiful Girona.

Give me a head start to train together and inspire me to realize my dream for 2018: racing with an international and adventurous African cycling tour.

Follow my #RoadToBEAT on this website, BEAT social media and my own site.