Blog: Start with the right partners

Geert Broekhuizen

Founders Geert Broekhuizen and Edwin Gulickx will take you further into the ambitions of BEAT Cycling Club. In this blog post, we would like to tell you about creating valuable partnerships.

Let me first say that I am proud of what we have achieved with BEAT Cycling Club so far. In less than a year, our club has welcomed a large number of members, and the first sporting successes have been achieved by BEAT riders Piotr Havik and Theo Bos. The media also find us regularly, and much attention has been paid to our revolutionary initiative in cycling. 

It is very special to see the team of enthusiastic colleagues performing at the highest level, every day, along with partners who engage because they believe in BEAT’s success, as Edwin Gulickx already wrote in a previous post. Add the many member signups, and it makes us feel that we are well on our way to building a sustainable club structure from which a professional cycling team will eventually emerge.

This gives us a lot of motivation to move forward with our club as quickly as possible. It is sometimes hard to be patient because certain things take a lot of time and effort, but they are also indispensable to building the club in the way we have envisioned.

For example, creating the right partnerships is a time-consuming task. Is our project relevant to potential partners? There is certainly sufficient interest from business. But for us as an organization, our first priority was to invest in a complete project team and, of course, to develop a very clear idea of what BEAT Cycling Club has to offer partners and vice versa. In order to achieve a sustainable cycling club with professional cycling teams, we do not believe in the traditional sponsorship model of exchanging a bag of money for a sponsor’s name on a jersey. No, we really want to realize sustainable partnerships with companies that are a good fit for BEAT and vice versa.

So we are currently talking to a large number of great organizations. Companies we have approached ourselves, but also companies that have approached us because they are enthusiastic about what BEAT has achieved so far. In these conversations, we suggest the following:

  • The partners support the BEAT Cycling Club philosophy.
  • The partners want to connect to and see the added value of an authentic community with enormous potential.
  • We want to develop concepts / products that provide our members with more experiences and greater engagement in cycling.
  • To create an impact, the partners endorse the importance of the professional cycling team for the club and actively contribute.

As you can imagine, these processes take a lot of time, and we are in a certain sense reinventing the wheel because they are not traditional partnerships. But it has to be a better wheel than what we now know. Building sustainable partnerships that are of value to our members, to the professional cycling team and to the partners themselves requires a lot of thought, meetings, presentations, proposals and therefore patience.

Our organization is solid, and what we can offer is a revolutionary and growing club. We are well on our way, and we believe we will be able to announce the first partnerships within a reasonable period of time. Partners needed to start the race together to make a difference.

We will keep you informed!

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