Brainstorm session ‘Future of Cycling'

BEAT Cycling Club

Today we had a brainstorm session with several interested people from different backgrounds at our Rebel office in Antwerp. All the participants were enthusiastic and wanted to contribute to the future of cycling. It was an active session with great meetings, inspiring many ideas and much useful feedback.

In total, 15 people participated in our brainstorm session in Antwerp. Although the participants came from all sorts of backgrounds, they all had one thing in common: love for cycling and a passion for the sport.

The session began with some presentations. Bobbie Traksel told about his experiences to expose the flaws in the current cycling structure. Geert and Edwin explained their ideas for a sustainable future for the sport of cycling.

Nicolas Cap led the session. The participants exchanged ideas and discussed questions in small groups. We saw a few dubious glances and question marks, but most of all we saw enthusiastic smiles. A wonderful idea that caught our attention was the BEAT kilometer: along the route we will identify some random points from which we will encourage the riders of BEAT Cycling Club.

It was a great meeting and a source of new inspiration for us. We are energized to take the next steps and implement the ideas from this brainstorm session into our plans.

Watch the video of this session here.