Büchli and Van den Berg attending at club championships!

BEAT Cycling Club

Do you meet The Beast and The Blast even before the official team presentation? It’s possible! Our wattagebazooka’s are attending the Club championships on October 1st during Meewindkoers in Amersfoort.

In the morning Roy ‘The Beast’ van den Berg welcomes you in the BEAT area. Have a chat and get useful tips about how you can succeed in the final sprint. 
Matthijs ‘The Blast’ Büchli likes to hear all your stories after the ride and will drag you through the last challenge of the day. If there is someone who knows how to get results at the ultimate moment, it is Matthijs!

Beside meeting both sprinters, you’ll also enjoy a day full of bike riding, various challenges and you will fight for the glory to ride a year in the BEAT clubchampionship jersey.

Have you already marked your attendance? Participation in the Club Championships is included in your membership. So claim your free ticket now!

You have until September 16 to subscribe for the Club Championships.