Club Meetup in Zwolle

BEAT Cycling Club

Last Tuesday we held the sixth Club Meetup since the launch of BEAT Cycling Club in November. The scene of action was CityLab BrainZ in Zwolle, the Netherlands, where BEAT intentionally hosted another event close to where many pioneers are located.

As usual, the evening’s events took place in a cycling ambiance. Pioneers were welcomed at the Village Départ, signed the start list and received the latest updates from the BEAT project team during the team briefing.

The peloton of pioneers then separated into several echelons to take one last close look at the BEAT memberships. These discussions are very valuable in a phase where the memberships and online platform of BEAT are in active development.

We were pleased to see the fundamental ideas of BEAT confirmed once again in terms of members’ desire to gain behind-the-scenes insights and have influence in their own club. Cyclists also want to benefit from expertise within the club to become better riders. In addition, we gained new insights regarding the club feeling, youth cycling and the societal value of BEAT.

After the traditional quiz, presented live by KoersKenner, the pioneers continued to discuss BEAT Cycling Club. The BEAT crew gained a lot of energy from the ambiance during this Club Meetup. With all these positive reactions and input we are building the cycling revolution together!