Cycling gives me the feeling of freedom

Andreas Bicek

Pioneer Andreas Bicek about his #RoadToBEAT

BEAT Cycling Club is supported by enthusiastic pioneers from around the world. Andreas Bicek from Rutesheim, Germany, is one of these pioneers. In this blog post he shares his enthusiasm about BEAT and his passion for cycling.

I’m 45 years old and live with Stefanie and our children in a small town near Stuttgart. I have a long history in cycling. From 1982 to 1997 I raced in several junior/amateur categories on the road and in cyclo-cross and mountain bike. Cycling means a lot to me – in particular, the competitive element. Every year I participate in a number of MTB marathon races. I love to pin a number on and immerse myself in the race atmosphere. I like taking the fight to my opponents, but I especially like the battle with myself. Besides being competitive, staying fit becomes more important, and interacting with like-minded people makes cycling really nice. It gives me the feeling of freedom, like I’m heading out on a small adventure. As a software developer, I like nothing better than to get on the bike and go for a long ride after a hard day at work.

If you want to be successful you have to be ambitious, dedicated, focused and patient. You should be thinking long-term. This I recognized immediately in the story of BEAT Cycling Club, and that’s why I became a pioneer. I came in contact with the #RoadToBEAT via Twitter, because of a message from Theo Maucher (BEAT co-founder). I’ve known Theo since my first experience with the bike, and when Theo says something about cycling it is always interesting and often innovative. His story about the BEAT club structure gave me a positive feeling, due to my own good club experiences.

Although I’ve never been a professional rider, I notice the coming and going of professional cycling teams. Every time a team disappears from the scene a lot of experience disappears, but also the jobs of mechanics, soigneurs and riders. Some of them find other teams, but others remain unemployed, and that’s sad. You could say that most teams have become too dependent on a major sponsor.

I hope BEAT Cycling Club continues to grow, and I am curious about the further development of the #RoadToBEAT. I keep sharing messages about the BEAT cycling revolution in Germany, because you should not keep good news to yourself! I look forward to riding in my BEAT jersey, and you can find me in the BEAT Cycling group on STRAVA.

Finally, there is a sentence that says a lot about me: “I was infected with the cycling virus at the age of 11 – there is no cure.”