Cycling talent Piotr Havik to ride for BEAT Cycling Club

BEAT Cycling Club

BEAT Cycling Club has engaged 22-year-old cycling talent Piotr Havik as a cycling ambassador. BEAT will support Havik during the #RoadToBEAT, allowing the club to gain insight into talent development while helping Havik grow and reach his full potential in a professional and sustainable manner. In this way, BEAT will begin to lay the foundation for sustainable rider development within BEAT Cycling Club.

Geert Broekhuizen, co-founder of BEAT Cycling Club, said: “Our goal is to build a club in which young talents can be supported in a sustainable way to help them reach the top level of the sport. We’ve decided to give this process a face, with Piotr, during the #RoadToBEAT. Piotr’s experience over the past few years shows that there is a fine line between success and failure for promising talents and that the current system plays a big role in the uncertainty, as even young riders have to deal with the instability of the sport.”

About Piotr Havik
Havik is a highly talented rider who rode for the development teams of Quick-Step and Rabobank and has won races such as the Rothaus Regio-Tour International, Omloop Mandel-Leie-Schelde and the Tour de Vallées. He rode for Team 3M in 2016. However, he has not yet delivered on his promise, due in large part to multiple injuries. When his team announced that it would stop at the end of this season, Havik struggled to find a place at a good Continental or Pro Continental team.

Talent development at BEAT
Broekhuizen said: “Talent development will be a very important aspect within BEAT Cycling Club, and we hope to gain insight into this process with Piotr next year. It’s not about winning races, but about Piotr’s development and the story connected to it. We’re going to support him in his development with training, equipment, clothing and logistics. In this period he can draw on the expertise and experience of our ambassador Bobbie Traksel, who will advise and assist him.”

A behind-the-scenes look
Havik will ride individual races in the BEAT club jersey and will take the followers of BEAT into his story as a cyclist and on his road to the professional peloton. Via written communications and video footage, the followers of BEAT will receive a behind-the-scenes look and share in Havik’s development.

Havik said: “I’m very glad to get the chance at BEAT to represent the future club colors in individual races in Belgium and the Netherlands. I have consciously chosen to ride for BEAT because I see a future in BEAT, on both the sporting and the social sides, and I believe in the club model for the sport of cycling. My ambition is to ride the spring classics in the future BEAT pro team.”