Dream about it or be part of it

Antoni van 't Hof

Like many cycling fans, I used to daydream about becoming a professional cyclist. Unfortunately, I was not able to make this dream a reality, but my passion for the sport remains.

Besides being active in my local club, I have tried for years to connect with professional cycling. In general, this works fairly well, but a specific connection with a team is almost impossible. Access and longevity are always missing.

Last year I heard about the plans for BEAT Cycling Club. I immediately signed up as a pioneer. The accessible club structure of BEAT makes professional cycling tangible and attractive and creates the opportunity for long-term connection. Previously the only connection with the team and riders was seeing them on TV. Now you get the opportunity to meet them regularly and start a conversation.

As a pioneer, I was asked if I wanted to represent BEAT during the Six Days of Rotterdam. Obviously my answer was yes. It is a unique experience to be closely involved with a professional cycling club during a major event.

We talked to many people about the #RoadToBEAT because everyone can join BEAT and can be a part of the process of building a professional team. This structure helps create interaction with a wide audience. 

The accessibility of professional cycling is so literal at BEAT: one moment you are talking with Piotr Havik and the next you see him live during a professional race. 

Two days after the Six Days of Rotterdam, I watched the livestream of the Egmond-Pier-Egmond beach race. On the small screen of my phone, I cheered Piotr on. It felt like Tour de France fever! Piotr raced a great race on behalf of BEAT Cycling Club. 

It is so incredibly cool to be involved as a pioneer in the #RoadToBEAT!