First BEAT Ride is a fact

Sam Vinck

“Cloudy with a chance of rain in the morning, but gradually the sun will come out and it will be a beautiful day” sounds on the radio. Full of energy, I’m driving the BEAT van to Eindhoven. Today is another big milestone in the young history of BEAT Cycling Club: the very first BEAT ride is about to become a reality.

BEAT rides? Yes, our monthly rides that follow the cycling calendar. Because the end of the cyclo-cross season is almost here, we quickly fit in the cyclo-cross theme. That’s why the first BEAT ride is an off-road ride with a clinic by our BEAT ambassador Piotr Havik.

Running a few minutes late, I drive into the parking lot of the beautiful Velosoof cycling café in Eindhoven. Over 40 retro cycling jerseys are displayed on the wall, along with another 20 from the last decade. In the back is a bike workshop.

There’s not much time to look around. The first pioneers will soon arrive at the cycling café, ready for a fresh cup of coffee and a nice ride.

After a 20-minute ride through the center of Eindhoven, we arrive at Aquabest. From here we turn onto the MTB trail and start the clinic. Cornering, close MTB contact and sprinting. My heart rate rises immediately, although it could also be my lack of fitness.

After the drills it’s time for the technical trail, with hills and small obstacles. Ideal for improving  technique.

After two hours of riding in the woods, we return to Velosoof, where we enjoy a lovely pasta lunch and watch the Superprestige cyclo-cross race on the big screen.

A successful first BEAT ride that will go into the history books!


Five questions about BEAT rides

1)     Are BEAT rides only for advanced riders?
No! BEAT rides are “social rides” where we take everyone’s pace into account. Have you just bought your first race bike and want to learn how to ride in a group safely? Or do you just want to ride at a higher speed in a group? Everyone is welcome at our BEAT rides. Of course, you have to be a pioneer to join these rides. Are you not a pioneer yet? You can sign up here.

2)     Can I ride if I have no race bike?
For every BEAT ride you will have the possibility to rent a race bike. We will make sure your equipment is ready for you at the start of the BEAT ride. For more info, contact 

3)     What if I puncture?
We wait for each other. Puncturing is just part of cycling. However, make sure you always carry one or more spare inner tubes or bring along some spare wheels to put in the BEAT van that will follow the last group.

4)     Will the BEAT rides always take place?
We will communicate beforehand if a BEAT ride is cancelled. If it’s past the sign-up deadline, we will contact all the pioneers who signed up for the BEAT ride. 

5)     Do all BEAT rides take place in the area around Eindhoven?
No. We try to organize BEAT rides in different places, so everyone has the chance to participate. For a schedule of future BEAT rides, check the event page on the website.

Do you have other questions about BEAT rides? Just send them to