First pro team inside club structure BEAT

BEAT Cycling Club

Five-time world champion Theo Bos, European championships silver medalist Roy van den Berg and Olympic medalist Matthijs Büchli are forming a new professional track cycling team together. Former pro cyclist Tim Veldt is the team’s coach.

The first commercial UCI sprint Track Team in the history of Dutch cycling aims to boost track cycling. Establishing a commercial structure creates new opportunities to give the sport a new impetus.

The team will focus on the World Cup races in Poland (November 3 to 5) and Great Britain (November 10 to 12), the national championships, and the track cycling world championships in Apeldoorn, which will take place from February 28 to March 4, 2018. During the World Cup races, the team will participate in the team sprint, the individual sprint, the keirin and the kilometer time trial.
“In addition to the individual goals of the riders in different disciplines, the team is focusing on building a strong team for the team sprint. We have brought together complementary riders. Combining the individual strengths of each rider we will form a world-class team that is capable of competingon the highest level in track cycling,” says team coordinator Theo Maucher. “The structure of a pro team offers new sporting opportunities by bringing together the best possible program, equipment and guidance.”
“I am very proud of the team’s establishment,” says Bos. “It’s a trajectory we started on earlier this year and have been dreaming about for more than 10 years. I look forward to taking this new step together with Matthijs and Roy and representing the BEAT club colors. We are going to work hard to compete with the best riders in the world and to raise track cycling to a higher level.”
“I chose BEAT because I find it a very cool club that approaches things differently,” says Büchli. “BEAT also sees the opportunities that track cycling represents, and I look forward to developing this project together. I want to prove myself at the highest level next season and work toward the world championships in Apeldoorn, where I aim to compete for the medals. In addition, I want to increase our visibility and enable more people to enjoy our sport and our achievements.”
“I am very impressed with BEAT’s approach,” says van den Berg. “They have created a professional setting, put together a great program and cultivated team spirit inside the entire club. I am therefore very proud to be part of this. I hope to further improve the quality of my training, which should enable me to perform well at the big championships.”
“I would like to contribute to the further development of track cycling,” says Veldt. “BEAT has a new approach that will allow me to further develop as a coach over the long term and that will provide me with a new challenge.”

The team is built on the BEAT Cycling Club structure. BEAT is the first professional cycling club in the history of cycling that brings together professional sports, amateur cyclists and cycling fans in a club structure.
Geert Broekhuizen, founder of BEAT Cycling Club, said: “The track team is a great step for our club, allowing us to make our entry into professional cycling with a sustainable structure. We have been able to build the track team based on a financial foundation provided by multiple partners along with revenue from the club. We see track cycling as a great base from which to further develop professional cycling within BEAT Cycling Club. At BEAT we want to be active in elite sports. That we can already do this on the highest level is a great satisfaction. We will engage our members in a unique way in the coming season as we prepare our team for the world championships in Apeldoorn.”
The team is supported by a network of companies, including Libéma Profcycling. Technical partners will be announced in the coming period.