Focus on five aspects

Geert Broekhuizen

First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a healthy, happy and successful 2017. It is going to be an exciting year for BEAT Cycling Club and we are really looking forward to it.
2016 was a very special year, in which we decided to roll up our sleeves to see if we can unlock the untapped value in cycling. We have started building a radical new club structure in cycling that will offer new experiences and opportunities for cycling fans, cyclists and companies.

From the reactions we received, it appeared that many people questioned, as we did, why such a club structure did not already exist. Would it be so difficult? Since then, we have found that it is indeed not an easy task to construct such a radically different structure. Is it harder than we thought? No. Did it turn out to be easier? Also not. But it is a beautiful adventure we started with the #RoadToBEAT and with which we will continue in 2017, full of energy!

In the coming period our focus will be on five aspects, which I would like to share with you.

1. Inspiration

BEAT is about inspiring, engaging and experiencing. During the #RoadToBEAT we have already started with this through blogs and stories, our presence at events, and the recruitment of ambassadors. We are always trying to choose an unexpected approach, which brings us great insights and discussions. We think this is the only way to realize a radically different way of organizing. A nice example is Piotr Havik. We are undertaking a lot with Piotr and talking with him about these efforts, which gives us great insights as an organization. But we are also already receiving a lot of enthusiastic feedback from our followers. And this is only the start. We are working on beautiful new surprises, and hopefully we can deliver something great again already in the next few weeks!

2. Pro Team

The fundaments for the pro team have been built. BEAT would not be BEAT if we did not use a different approach in creating such a team. We are looking forward to explaining this to our pioneers during the brainstorm session on February 14 in Utrecht. Besides forming the strategy, we have already had conversations with potential staff members, associations and race organizers. Theo Maucher will give you a new update on this process very soon.

3. Project Team

I am convinced that we have a talented project team with a great deal of know-how from both inside and outside the sport. At this moment our core team consists of the following members (in addition to myself): Edwin Gulickx, coordinator of the back office and the one who lays out the strategy in the areas of finance and structure, together with Dries Van den Broeck and Jasmin Janssens. Theo Maucher, an expert with a lot of experience and contacts in professional cycling. Roy van Damme, who has proved his skills in communications and social media. Young guy Sam Vinck, an all-rounder and talent in event organizing. Herman ten Kate will start this week as an intern and will do his graduation research with us. We are now about to strengthen this core team and build a layer around it. In addition, we have an excellent group of partners that helped us build the club in 2016 and will continue to support us in 2017.

4. Financing

One of our priorities is to gain funding. Like every start-up, we have made financial scenarios for the short and long term and we know what steps we have to take in the near future. In his next blog post, Edwin will further explain this with an overview of what BEAT has cost thus far. The next two quarters will be crucial in relationship to the pro team for 2018. We have had a lot of conversations and are full of confidence that we have worked out an interesting proposition that companies would love to connect with.

5. Legal Structure

We have almost finished our quest for the ideal structure for the organization. During a master class we presented at Nyenrode University, we challenged ourselves once again. Together with the course members focusing on the area of elite sports, we have discussed the structure and gained new insights. Of course, we will share these experiences with our pioneers during one of our upcoming brainstorm sessions. After that we will start the process to definitively set up the legal structure of the club.

Let’s make it an amazing year in which we make many hearts beat faster!