Great ideas have no boundaries!

Bert Jansen

Pioneer Bert Jansen about his #RoadToBEAT

After living the Netherlands, where bikes were our main mode of transportation, we decided eight years ago to embark on a great adventure and move to Sydney, Australia. Having religiously watched too much cycling on TV since the time of LeMond, Fignon and Delgado, I now decided to start road racing myself.

This city, with its hilly coastline and beautiful national parks with long climbs, lends itself perfectly to riding. Currently I spend most of my time on a bike commuting into the city and racing criteriums on the weekends. However, whenever I find the time somewhere on a day off I hit the national parks and spend hours grinding up the many climbs and entering a fantastic world of solitude. This is where you find the true meaning of cycling, an experience that becomes almost spiritual in the Sydney heat. Problems, big or small, are solved in your head and great ideas are born. This is why I am so impressed with BEAT, a great idea and a dream that must have been cooked up while on a ride with friends. 

My dad, the best cyclist and road captain I have had the pleasure of riding with, told me recently about this new cycling club being established with the aim to do things differently and develop into a pro cycling team. Despite being on the other side of the world, I am proud to have become a pioneer of BEAT, as great ideas have no boundaries. The current state of the cycling world, both professionally and locally, requires a fresh approach, and I truly believe a club structure can provide the required foundation for a stable and successful future. My ambition is to be able to contribute in some way or another to the movement and help BEAT achieve its wonderful goals. I certainly won't be a rider on BEAT’s pro team in 2018, but I’ll be very happy to host the team at the Tour Down Under!

All the best,

Bert Jansen