How can we integrate current cycling clubs within BEAT?

Dries van den Broeck

After a successful first brainstorm session a few weeks ago, it was already time for the second session yesterday. The topic of the evening: the integration of existing clubs into the BEAT model.

Once again the attendance was a success. Twenty-three pioneers, some of whom had traveled more than two hours to reach Rotterdam, came ready to experience the real BEAT feeling: building the club together and absorbing the energy and enthusiasm that arise from brainstorming in a group about the possibilities for BEAT Cycling Club!

Two questions were presented: How can BEAT work together with existing clubs to train and prepare talented athletes to become professionals? And what added value can BEAT offer for the members of existing clubs?

The pioneers were split into two groups so each group could tackle one question. At the end we received many valuable ideas, like how we can add groups of friends to BEAT, how we can help develop talented riders, and how we can organize clinics with BEAT professionals for recreational riders and kids. It was especially nice to see how passionately everybody participated during the session.

Even after the brainstorm session officially concluded, the good ideas kept flowing at the bar. As one of the founders, I have already been involved in this project for quite some time now, but it still surprises me how these new ideas and possibilities keep popping up and how this keeps boosting the energy levels of everybody involved. I’m already eagerly looking forward to taking the next steps. Loving this BEAT feeling!

PS. The next brainstorm session is on January 17 at development partner TDE in Eindhoven. During this session we will update our pioneers and sponsors on how the BEAT Cycling Club will look in 2017.