How cool is that?

Theo Maucher

Since the very beginning of BEAT Cycling Club, we have established the habit of organizing meetups with our pioneers. These meetups have all been inspiring and energizing – I can tell you that!

I particularly remember the one we did in Utrecht, the Netherlands, on February 14. More than 30 people took the time to come from near and (very) far to spend their Valentine’s evening with us rather than with…well, someone else. Now, how cool is that?

And speaking of cool: one of the topics we discussed was how BEAT Cycling Club can become the coolest team in the peloton. I’m not going to give you the entire list of ideas, because that would make this blog post way too long.

Also, I’ll be the first to admit that being the coolest team should not be the main or only priority. From my perspective, building a quality structure, with the best possible riders and staff, is objective number one.

But I also know from experience that working or riding for a cool team often gives that extra bit of motivation. You see, being cool is also a state of mind. A mentality question. It’s the fighting spirit that makes a rider think, “Bring it on! I’m ready to rumble.”

So, knowing that your bike is top-notch and looking good, that your team kit will be admired…these may be some of the marginal gains people talk about nowadays. So, if adding more “coolness” can bring about better performance, I’m all for it!

P.S. Just to give you some idea of what the pioneers came up with, here are some of the many excellent suggestions: personalized sleeves on the club kit; livestreams from the team car; our own TV show in which potential riders are turned into pros; BEAT frame stickers for everyone; members joining training camps; a club mascot; electric team cars; our own clothing line; a joint venture with universities for the development of technical innovation; and on and on…

If you have your own ideas, don’t hesitate to suggest them on our idea wall!