Improved online clubhouse

BEAT Cycling Club

In conjunction with the launch of our broader membership offer, we are also launching a new website, developed by our partner TDE. Together we chose to showcase the most beautiful stories of both our pro riders and our other members through this online platform.

As always, there is a strong link between elite-level cycling and the club. Members can also find comprehensive information about their membership and discover all the benefits they can enjoy. Furthermore, the website will offer them an overview of the events that are organised by BEAT Cycling Club, as well as the third-party events that BEAT will be attending.

In the future it will become possible to discuss developments of the club through the website, the ability to pitch new ideas will improve and be expanded and the website will become a platform to further develop the club.

This is just the beginning, as both the website and the offer for members will be further developed in the future. To keep up with any and all further developments of both the membership offer and the website, you just need to keep and eye on our social media and this website to make sure you don’t miss a thing!