In the BEAT Cycling Club project, I really see what cycling can mean for you

Tom van Minnebruggen

Pioneer Tom van Minnebruggen about his #RoadToBEAT

My name is Tom van Minnebruggen and I am 38 years old. I live in Brecht, a municipality in the Belgian province of Antwerp, with my wife and three children.

Cycling means a lot to me. I took out my first license when I was nine years old, and I became a cycling fanatic. First races in the Netherlands and then soon in Belgium. I competed until 2003, with most of my events consisting of cyclo-cross races. I decided to stop racing in 2003 because I had too much trouble with my neck, unfortunately, due to a car accident in 2000.

This does not mean I ride less. You can still find me out on the bike on a regular basis. Of course, with work and family commitments, my Sunday rides have become shorter, but I do ride from home to work and back three times a week.

There is nothing better than cycling. You will always be at ease, you eliminate all the stress and mentally I always feel recharged after a ride.

In the BEAT Cycling Club project, I really see what cycling can mean for you.

I think it’s a wonderful initiative! Together, forming an international cycling club where everyone can feel at home. That’s why I became a pioneer, so I can also contribute to building a beautiful team – on its way to nice races!

I still miss the attention to cyclo-cross. As everyone knows, this sport is extremely big here in Belgium. It will then be time for BEAT Cycling Club to welcome a cyclo-cross rider as an ambassador. I hope to participate in one of the BEAT Club Days in the future to ride and talk about this beautiful initiative.


Tom van Minnebruggen