Learning from my data: Final steps toward the Dutch time trial championships

Piotr Havik

Since becoming time trial champion of my district, I haven’t stopped trying to improve my time trial capacities. The first part of my progression was built on my rides on the time trial bike, two or three times a week. Those training sessions weren’t always with a high physical effort; they were focused on getting and staying in the most aerodynamic position as long as possible (Remember? Head down and shoulders in). After the district championships, there were still two time trials on my program, one at Zeewolde and one at Woubrugge.

The results of the time trial at Zeewolde were even better than expected. There was a strong group of riders at the start, including the current elite time trial champion (Remco Grasman) and the Continental team Baby Dump. My goal was to finish in the top five, but I even made it onto the podium, taking third, just 3 seconds behind the second place of René Hooghiemster and 37 seconds behind the winning time of Remco Grasman. It’s a sign that I’m track to accomplish my goal of achieving a top 10 at the Dutch championships.

Unfortunately, the time trial at Woubrugge was cancelled, so I had to simulate my race effort. I picked a lap of 10 kilometers, which I rode two times to measure whether there was any decline during my effort. It surprised me that my second lap was significantly faster, and also my cornering went pretty well.

The last time trial efforts taught me to take advantage of the sections with headwind and uphill – simply by giving more power, but also by focusing more on my aerodynamics. The power data from the last races are showing that I need to push 425 to 435 watts for the whole race.

Next Wednesday (14/06) I will go to Montferland to reconnoiter the route of the national championships time trial. Based on this information and my power meter data, I will make a plan for the 50-kilometer time trial, together with my trainer. I will combine the reconnaissance with an evening race at Didam. You are welcome to join my recon (13:00-15:00) or support me during my race (start 20:00). Just let me know via piotr@beatcycling.club.  

Photo by FotoKoos