Lessons learned – South Holland district championships time trial

Piotr Havik

Last Wednesday I won the district championships time trial with a minute’s lead over second place. It was an important milestone on the road to the national championships time trial with the pros. The aspects I focused on were warming up, aerodynamics, pacing and wattage.

The first aspect immediately left room for improvement, because I did not have enough time in my preparation for the race. I assumed I could handle everything in one and a half hours, from registration to the start of the race. However, I noticed that I needed 20 minutes extra to get my warm-up in. I did my warming up on the road instead of the rollers, and with the warm weather that was good.

I knew from the start that I also had to focus on my aerodynamics, which simply means “shoulders together and head down.” In retrospect, I am very pleased that I was able to perform well in this full time trial.

Now take a look at my data. The time trial consisted of three (technical) laps of more than 9km each. This explains why the average speed (45.7km/h) is not too high.

In advance, I had the idea of ​​not starting too hard, so I would not build up unnecessary lactic acid, which can be a problem in the time trial. Afterward, I felt that I had started too hard, but looking at my lap times, 12'23" - 12'06" - 12'12", I can see that I paced myself well. The third lap is obviously the hardest. I thought I had lost a lot of time there compared to the second lap, but afterward I saw that it was only a six-second difference. The wattages also confirm this. The heart rate shows that I was moving further toward my limit, mainly reflecting the average heart rate per lap (155 - 165 - 168). The pacing of the time trial thus went well, and in the coming races I will try to continue this approach.

I am very satisfied with my wattages in this effort over 36 minutes. The aim is also to push this wattage during the national championships. That time trial is 54km, which means it will take an effort of more than an hour and therefore requires the necessary training. You can follow my training via my Strava account: https://www.strava.com/pros/1120791.

The next time trail is on May 30 in Zeewolde (NL).

Photo by Foto Koos.