Making progress on my #RoadToBEAT

Piotr Havik

2 weeks ago I set a new benchmark on my #RoadToBEAT, with the second power test of the season at Energy Lab. The test was planned for that day because this day fell exactly at the end of my peak period, giving me the opportunity to map my progress in recent months.

I was quite certain that I would make progress because I gained more “race hardness” during this early season and also made some progress in my fitness, according to my training peaks. You just need to “shake it out” of your legs on the day itself.

Let’s take a look at my results. What we see first is a significant progression of my functional threshold power (FTP) value, of more than 20 watts! My goal was to break the 400-watt limit, but I did not expect to do so by 6 watts. Then you also see a progression in my maximum power, of 20 watts. This indicates that I can ride a bit harder in the races, both on the flat and on the climbs, because now my power is at least 6 watts per kilogram. (See infographic.)

For now I am very pleased with these results, as they clearly show that I have made progress in my #RoadToBEAT as I seek to become a pro rider next year. Fortunately, this progress has already been translated into results, with six victories. Now I will rest for a couple of days and then get back into competition after two weeks. My main goals in the coming months are the Top Competition races and the Dutch championships in Montferland, where I can race with the pros!


Aerobic threshold: 318watt (4,29 w/kg)
Anaerobic threshold (FTP): 406watt (5,49 w/kg)
Maximum performance: 444watt (6,00w/kg)


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