More than just riding

Stephan van Hoorn

More than just riding – that’s what cycling and BEAT are for me. Cycling has been my way of life for about 20 years now. It started as rehabilitation after a car accident and became much more than that.

I love road cycling, mountain biking, cyclo-cross and cycling holidays. And in between I commute. So it’s a rare day when I don’t touch one of my bikes. And if that isn’t enough, I also read about cycling, follow the cycling news and watch it on TV. I am definitely not one of the fastest riders, but even at the age of 51 I am still making progress.

I prefer cycling clubs over cycling teams. That’s why I joined Gaul, the cycling club that rides for War Child. Early this year I encountered BEAT at the Six Days of Rotterdam. After reading about the philosophy I got excited. Not just because of the idea of meeting the professionals who will hopefully soon join the club too, but more the idea of being part of a professional cycling organization. Proving that professional cycling can take a totally different approach, and the excitement of reaching our goals.

After joining, I met the BEAT crew and some of the pioneers at the BEAT Club Meetup in Utrecht, and last week I went to meet them at the BEAT Club Day in Antwerp. There I learned more about the BEAT strategy, got acquainted with some new pioneers and became an even bigger fan of Piotr Havik. He is such a great guy. 

I’d like to contribute by joining one of the “lead out” teams, or helping organize the club championship or arranging a trip to a cyclosportive like the Marmotte.

As I said, for me cycling and BEAT are a way of life.

Stephan van Hoorn