Positive first brainstorm session

Roy van Damme

We can add a new BEAT milestone: the first brainstorm session with our pioneers took place in Rotterdam yesterday! The goal of the evening: to explain the story of BEAT and gather ideas for BEAT Cycling Club.

We kicked off the evening with a presentation explaining the concept of the cycling club and the #RoadToBEAT. Following the presentation we began the brainstorm session. The pioneers and BEAT core team were divided into groups to discuss BEAT.

One of the main goals was to gather the ideas and thoughts of the pioneers, which can be used for the launch of BEAT Cycling Club in 2017.

The participants, who all love cycling and are committed to BEAT, discussed the future of the club. Many good ideas emerged, for example, local community involvement and creating a youth system with career opportunities.

Some participants also expressed critical opinions, which were very helpful. Pioneers asked about the organizational structure and which goals BEAT would achieve in the coming months.

At the end we concluded that BEAT needs to grow the group of supporters, sponsors and pioneer sponsors. So we would like to ask you to share your stories with #RoadToBEAT and invite your friends and family to join us. 

One of the pioneers also had a special request: “Ladies, where are you?” Because BEAT is also for all women.

In conclusion, we loved the “us” feeling at the end of the night. We are already a club!


P.S. The second brainstorm session will be held on December 13 in Rotterdam. In this session we’ll discuss the integration of current cycling clubs within BEAT Cycling Club. We have noticed that there are a lot of current cycling clubs, but also riders, who have questions about how this works. That’s why we are inviting our pioneers and sponsors to think about this integration and how we can give these clubs a place within BEAT.