Preparation new season: Egmond-Pier-Egmond and Spain

Piotr Havik

First of all, best wishes to all of you for a healthy, successful and happy new year!
I enjoyed the holidays. The weather was great in Belgium and the Netherlands, so I completed a few good training sessions. And in the evenings I enjoyed the company of family and friends, of course.

Now that January is here, it all gets more serious as we move toward the start of the season. I am looking forward to the Egmond-Pier-Egmond beach race next Saturday, where I can test my condition for the second time this winter. My goal is to fight for a place on the podium. I used my last training sessions on the mountain to work on my running skills. Watch the video if you’re wondering how I did my training.

After the beach race it will be time to pack my bags, because I’m going to Spain for a training camp from January 9 to 21. My training mate Diederik will join me, and we will stay at Hotel Helios in Benidorm. Thanks to the good weather and mountainous roads around Benidorm, cyclists can work seriously on their endurance. You can follow all my training days with #RoadToBEAT and on Strava.

The goal is to reach optimum shape at the beginning of March, so I can ride for the victory during the spring classics of the Dutch Top Competition. The Top Competition consists of the following races:

Saturday 4 March

  Craft Ster van Zwolle
Saturday 8 April   Omloop van de Braakman
Sunday 23 April   Ton Dolmans Trofee
Sunday 21 May   Simac Omloop der Kempen
Sunday 4 June   Ronde van Limburg
Wednesday 21 June   NK Tijdrijden Elite
Sunday 25 June   NK Wegwielrennen Elite
Wednesday 28 June   Ind. Klimtijdrit Vaal
Sunday 9 July   Ind. Tijdrit Emmen
Sunday 17 September   HLB van Daal Eurode Omloop

Those Top Competition races will be my first goals during the season, along with the national championships in Montferland. In addition to this program, I will ride individual races in the Netherlands and Belgium wearing the BEAT colors. Let me know if you have any tips for a nice elite cycling race that I can add to my calendar. I will keep you informed as soon as my full race program is known. Send me a message if you will be at one of my races. It’s always nice to be able to say hello to one of our BEAT Cycling Club members after the race.