Q&A: How does a commercial track team work?

BEAT Cycling Club

Today, BEAT Cycling Club launched the first Dutch commercial track team with Theo Bos, Matthijs Büchli and Roy van den Berg as the first three riders. In addition to the press release, we would like to give you some extra insight into the way the team will take shape and how it will cooperate with the national team, through this Q&A:

Is BEAT Cycling Club a UCI team and where will they be seen riding their races?

BEAT Cycling Club is registered as a commercial track team with the international federation UCI. As a UCI registered track team, you have the right to participate in UCI World Cup events. The World Cups this season take place in:

  • 03-05 November World Cup 1- Pruszków, Poland
  • 10-12 November World Cup 2 - Manchester, Great Britain
  • 01-03 December World Cup 3 - Milton, Canada
  • 09-10 December World Cup 4 - Santiago, Chile
  • 19-21 January World Cup 5 - Minsk, Belarus

Which competitions will BEAT Cycling Club participate in?

BEAT Cycling Club will focus mainly on the World Cups in Poland and Great Britain, but the other World Cups are also under consideration. Of course, the team will participate in the Dutch Championships, in team sprint in Apeldoorn in November and in the individual disciplines end of December.

For the European and World Championships, the riders will be selected by the national coach of the KNWU.

How will the commercial track team staff shape up?

The team is coordinated by Theo Maucher. The coaching and selection is done by former track cyclist and now head coach Tim Veldt. In addition, the team support is complemented by a mechanic and a carer and from time to time by external experts.

In which disciplines does BEAT Cycling Club participate in World Cup events?

BEAT Cycling Club will participate in team sprint, keirin, sprint and 1km time trial. Each team has one spot per discipline. In team sprint 3 riders build a team. Only in the sprint a team may achieve a second spot.

In keirin the 36 best riders of the UCI track ranking and in sprint the 45 best riders gain a spot for their team. All national teams and 25 commercial teams are aiming for these spots. The World ranking of the 15 September will decide about the quota.

Our keirin spot is almost secured by the ranking points of Matthijs Büchli and one sprint spot by the results of Roy van den Berg. For the 2nd sprint spot we have still to fight in some international Grand Prix during the next weeks.

In World Cups the team is free to select any of its riders to compete in an individual discipline.

Are BEAT Cycling Club riders still members of the Dutch national team?

In World Cups and all others races of the international track calendar commercial and national track teams are racing against each other. World and European Championships are only open for national teams, like on the road, and of course our riders are working hard to be part of the selection of their national coach.

In special situations, a rider of a commercial team may also participate in his national team during a World Cup event. A national coach may want to test his future team sprint selection for the Worlds in the last World Cup before the Worlds. But normally a commercial team increases the rare spots of a nation in World Cup events and therefore rides separately. BEAT Cycling Club is a boost for Dutch track cycling by almost doubling the spots in men’s sprinting disciplines for the Netherlands in World Cup events.

A commercial track team has its own bike gear but a rider selected for the national team will always wear the national jersey.

How is the cooperation with KNWU?

We intend to work closely with the existing top sports activities of the KNWU. Whenever possible, we will strengthen and support each other. The starting spots in World Championships are distributed by the UCI track ranking to the national federations. In this case our Dutch BEAT Cycling Club riders gain points for the KNWU and increase the possibility of the Netherlands to reach the maximum of starting spots in the World Championships, especially in this season where the next World Championships will be held in the Omnisport Center of Apeldoorn in the Netherlands in March 2018 (host countries always get awarded more starting spots).

Will BEAT Cycling Club remain a Dutch men's team? 
No, BEAT Cycling Club strives for an international men’s and women’s team. Our foundation lies in the Benelux, making it a logical first step to start out with Dutch riders Theo Bos, Matthijs Büchli and Roy van den Berg at this point. We look forward to integrate international riders, male and female.

How is the commercial track team financed? 
The team is supported by a network of companies (the BEAT Partner Network), including Libéma Profcycling, the organiser of the upcoming World Championships in Apeldoorn. Other partners will be announced in the coming months.