Race tactics for the Dutch championships

Piotr Havik

I still have to keep calm for a couple of days, but then it will finally be time for the Dutch championships on the road in Montferland – a championships for the professionals of various WorldTour and Pro Continental teams. So it’s very important to come up with a good plan to compete with the best riders of the Netherlands.

After my reconnaissance last week, I had three options in my mind. I can join a large early breakaway, I can wait for the finale to break away, or I can continue to save my energy and get the best possible result in a group sprint. Because of the hilly route, in a wooded area and many wide roads, I immediately recognized that the peloton will have a lot of power to close a gap with a front group. In my opinion, a group of less than 10 riders will not stand a chance against the peloton on this route.

In addition, I looked closely at the championships of the elite without a contract (Sunday, June 18), where Groningen cycling club took control of the race with 12 of their riders. But they didn’t make it onto the podium. From this I have been able to draw the following conclusions. First, it will be a big and long battle for the early break. Second, the course offers opportunities for large teams to control the race and ensure a bunch sprint. And third, the finale could open up again and be unpredictable if an early breakaway is caught too soon.

Because everyone’s energy supply is limited, I will think about the right tactics for me over the next few days. I’ll be back on Saturday with a vlog.