Reactions from the media to announcement Track Team

BEAT Cycling Club

After the reveal of the BEAT Cycling Club track team yesterday, the Dutch press responded enthusiastically: people are glad to see BEAT Cycling Club’s first pro team! Besides the media, the KNWU also responded very enthusiastically to the news.

"Genius!" NOS, Algemeen Dagblad, Telesport, Bicycling and Wielerupdate all respond enthusiastically to BEAT Cycling Clubs press release 

"BEAT Cycling Club works from a club structure but, together with members and sponsors, has pulled off announcing their first professional cycling team. Genius!" This is how cycling magazine Bicycling starts its article on the reveal of the first commercial track team in the Netherlands: the BEAT Cycling Club Track Team. In addition to Bicycling magazine, many more Dutch media outlets reported positively on BEAT Cycling Club. restated BEAT's underlying thought perfectly with their article: "The goal of BEAT is to change cycling through a club structure. By 2018 there has to be a sustainable organization in professional cycling, the first team to live by that mind-set has now set up."

KNWU: "The past has shown that commercial teams (...) can make a significant contribution to the level of the sport"

The Royal Dutch Cycling Union (KNWU) also praises this development of the sport: "We are more than happy to cooperate with any new initiative that serves the purpose of improving track cycling in the long run" In addition to the positive relationship between BEAT Cycling Club and the KNWU, the cycling union also claims that the addition of a commercial track team is positive for Dutch track cycling in general: "Another practical advantage of an additional track team is that it is possible to put more Dutch riders in races, which at the end of the day results in more UCI-points scored and a higher UCI-ranking for Dutch riders. This can be positive for the number of starting spots granted for the World Championships. Next year, the World Championships will be held in Apeldoorn."

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