Recap Club Meetup: Online Clubhouse

BEAT Cycling Club

BEAT Cycling Club is an international cycling club. And a cycling club needs a clubhouse. The online clubhouse is one of the features that the club’s online platform will offer in the future, so we wanted to request the input of the pioneers during our January Club Meetup.

The ideal location to discuss this topic was at the offices of our development partners and experts in this field, TDE in SX Eindhoven. The inspiring and impressive Triple Double offices provided the perfect sports setting for a fruitful club meetup. The evening was also marked by a renewed focus.

New for the club meetup was the recap and preview. From a basketball court, the pioneers were briefed on the latest news, such as the new members of the project team and the most recent developments surrounding the pro team. There was also a special video message from Piotr Havik, who is at training camp in Spain, and the calendar of events for the coming month.

The brainstorm was also executed a bit differently this time. New pioneers could opt for a comprehensive introduction and discussion about BEAT Cycling Club, so they are immediately fully informed. Other pioneers joined in the inspiring ideas session, focusing on enabling the pioneers to inspire each other to come up with the craziest ideas.

And this was quite successful! A few of the many ideas: a BEAT Kitchen food blog, a daily cycling quiz, voting for new riders for the next season, and a platform where pioneers can initiate events and find training groups. There were so many weird, fun and sometimes brilliant ideas that they unfortunately do not all fit in this update. But we will work with them anyway!


Would you like to learn about all the updates? Make sure you attend next time! The next club meetup is on Tuesday, February 14, at the offices of our partners Jonge Honden in Utrecht. That night we will give you a big update on the pro team. Together we will think about how we can make our team the coolest team in the peloton. And, more importantly, how we will involve the pro team with the club.

Will we see you next time? Send an email to if you are planning to attend.

BEAT Cycling Club