Results stress test

Piotr Havik

Before starting the season, it was time do undergo a stress test at Engery Lab. What are my current stats and what should I be focusing on during the next weeks? These results will help me on my #RoadtoBEAT.

I promised the pioneers they would be able to follow my test live on ‘my story’ on Instagram. To be honest, I was more worried about that than the test, but it turned out to be a lot of fun to do and I would definitely ‘go live’ again.

The test took place at Energy Lab in Eindhoven, where I was welcomed by Cees Jan, one of their coaches. We started with a body scan, that showed the amount of muscle, body fat and fluids in my body. It also measured my bone density. As you can see in the graph, all the results are very favorable for the start of the new season.

"From the scan we can conclude Piotr has a very low fatpercentage. It's recommended he shouldn't lose more fat."

- Cees-Jan van der Zweep

After the scan, it was time for the real thing! My bike was mounted on the test bench and I was ready to get on. The protocol started at a hundred Watt and increased by forty Watt every five minutes. It made the test harder and harder with every upward step. As I was pedalling, my blood lactate was measured through a small device in my ear. It also monitored my maximum oxygen intake through a mask. 

The test results were surprisingly good. It really felt like a reward after a winter of hard work. "Piotr was very fast in his test, his basic endurance was very good" according to Cees Jan.

It already paid off yesterday when I got a great result in the Wattmeister Challenge!

You can find the rest of my schedule here.