Rotterdam Rome Cycling Tour part 2


In our previous blog post, we talked about our journey and how we prepared. But today a post about why we are making this trip.

The first edition of our trip was organized in 2010: the Rotterdam Rome Cycling Tour 2010. The initiative came from students of the Rotterdam Student Corps who wanted to contribute to charity. This initiative was then transferred to younger students, who take up the cause themselves every two years. In 2012, they therefore traveled to Madrid for Foundation KiKa and in 2015 to Barcelona on behalf of the Disabled Sports Foundation. 

This year we will continue this initiative, and we will contribute again to the Disabled Sports Foundation. Why? With the money we raise, we are indispensable for this foundation. The goal of €25,000 will not be a drop in a bucket, but actually a significant addition to the budget of this beautiful organization.

What does the Disabled Sports Foundation do? The foundation is committed to making sports accessible to people with mental and physical disabilities. We all know how nice it is to challenge ourselves in sports, such as in a club like BEAT that gives us the best opportunity. But unfortunately this is not always possible for people with disabilities – not because they do not want to participate or are not capable, but purely because the facilities are not there and the sports world is not set up to accommodate their needs. 

Let’s give these people a hand and give them the opportunity to enjoy, like we do with BEAT, what we all love: sports.

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