Rotterdam Rome Cycling Tour

Rotterdam Rome Cycling Tour

Under the flag of BEAT Cycling Club, we – 12 Rotterdam students – will ride from Rotterdam to Rome this summer! It will be a challenging journey: in just two weeks we will ride more than 2,100 kilometers via the Belgian Ardennes, the French Alps and finally the east coast of Italy toward Rome. But first we will transform ourselves from a (relatively) untrained group of students into a powerful, well-oiled machine in the coming months.

In recent months we have been training hard. In January, we started spinning several times a week, after which we began riding on the road in March to gain experience. Imagine: 12 untrained guys riding in a line through the South Holland landscape, like puppies at (too) high speeds and with far too much energy. Fortunately, we still have the photos ...

But with the right motivation and enthusiasm we can reach our goal. Log a few hundred miles on the road and then it starts to look more realistic. In the meantime, we participate almost every week in the NL Tourrides, and we are training more and more around Rotterdam. This means that wherever we show up, the green and black BEAT train is clearly visible and can be seen more often in the peloton.

A love of cycling is what unites us. Half a year ago, half our team hardly knew each other; now, we see each other several times a week for a short ride or an intensive workout.

Enjoying the sport, and especially the opportunity to share this enjoyment, is very important to us. That’s why, with our ride, we wanted to help make this possible for others too. The Fonds Gehandicaptensport aims to make sports accessible to people with physical and mental disabilities. The full proceeds of our trip – our goal is to raise €25,000 – go to this wonderful charity. But more in our next blog post!

In the coming months, we will keep you all, fellow members of the BEAT community, up-to-date with blogs, vlogs and other footage. You can follow this and more on the Facebook page “Rotterdam Rome Cycling Tour 2017.”

Until next time!