The Blast wins Maebashi keirin

BEAT Cycling Club

Matthijs "The Blast" Büchli will be riding the keirin Maebashi, Japan from Thursday 31st of August through to Saturday 2nd of September. This liveblog will be updated with his race results!

Day 3: 2 September 2017

Matthijs wins the R11 Final in Maebashi! The Blast was holding back at the beginning of the race, but at the end he 'Blasted' away. Just like in the semi final he used Oikomi.


Day 2: 1 September 2017

The Blast wins the semi final and is going to the final tomorrow. 


Day 1: 31 August 2017

Matthijs Büchli just won his first round very convincingly. He took off with about 1,5 laps to go and was able to maintain his lead all the way to the finish. This of course qualifies him for tomorrow's next round!

Click below to watch his race: