The lessons history teaches us

Theo Maucher

We are regularly asked by pioneers and fans how we see the team’s setup, evolution and size – what the facts and figures behind the team are going to be – and who is going to be part of it.

These are all excellent questions, which we will gladly try to answer. Obviously, we will keep you updated on any important (or maybe even not-so-important) news. But to start with, I’ll try to lay out the general plan and ambitions for our pro team.

First of all, you need goals. A rider without clear goals doesn’t achieve as much as one who knows what he’s aiming at. The same is true for a team. Goals are often linked to dreams. Dreams are not real, but you can make them become reality.

How? With hard work and dedication. That is definitely what BEAT Cycling Club is going through at this moment. The goals are within reach. Although there is still a lot of work to do, everybody is working hard to make them come true.

In our blue sky scenario we have a budget of at least 4 million euros. We aim for 20 riders, worthy of riding at the Pro Continental level, divided over two programs (classics and stage races). And there are at least 20 staff members surrounding the riders.

Are we there yet? No. Are we going to be there by the end of this year? If we have anything to do with it, yes. But if there’s anything my life in cycling has taught me, it’s this: moving step by step is the best way forward. That’s how you keep your balance. Even the Romans knew that Rome wasn’t built in a day.

So let’s make the dream a reality, and let’s keep working hard. Just as we are doing at this very moment. And I’m certain we will get where we want to be. Can we count on your continued support on this Road to BEAT?

P.S. Some more facts and figures are coming next time. Stay tuned!