Theo Bos shows he's in good shape in Alkmaar

BEAT Cycling Club

The Dutch and international track cycling elite, including Olympic champion Callum Skinner and TEAM NL, met in Alkmaar this past weekend. During this international sprint and keirin tournament Theo Bos proved he’s on the right track for the World Championships in Hong Kong. With one more month to go the BEAT Cycling Club team member won all disciplines: sprint, keirin and the team sprint.

The men’s tournament started on Saturday with the sprint. Bos’ good shape became clear when he beat sprinting expert and fellow Dutchman Jeffrey Hoogland in the semi-finals. In the finals the four-times world champion took on the Brit Skinner. Just like the semis this race was decided in two heats. This gave BEAT Cycling Club an historic first professional victory.

On the second day in Alkmaar Bos also left his mark. Together with Nils van ’t Hoenderdaal en Harrie Lavreysen he easily won the team sprint. The keirin proved a bigger challenge, Bos finished just slightly ahead of Olympic medal winners Büchli and Skinner.

Bos: “The last few weeks I’ve focused on training my explosiveness and that has helped me this weekend in achieving these results. I’m going to take a few days of rest and then we have an equipment test planned on Wednesday. After that, it’s time for a heavy training schedule for the finishing touch on my way to Hong Kong.”

The World Championships take place from April 12th until April 16th in Hong Kong. The national coach will announce the team soon. It’s not clear yet if Theo Bos will be selected, but after this weekend things do look promising.

Photo: Rob Duin