Training camp Portugal

Theo Bos

Theo Bos is BEAT Cycling Club’s top level ambassador. He still has many goals as a track cyclist. In this blog Theo will keep everyone up to date about his #RoadToBEAT to the World Championships track cycling in Hongkong.

We’ve returned from Portugal, where we’ve been preparing ourselves for the World Championships qualification rounds with the Dutch track team. Something you want to avoid during a training camp is getting ill and that’s exactly what happened to me. As my team mates were exercising, I was stuck waiting on the side lines not able to do anything for a few days.

Fortunately, after a few days of rest I felt well enough to get back on the track. During the training, I focused on accelerating and gaining power, which was slightly different to the other men. National coach René Wolff looked at basic skills, endurance and longer sprints, but, thanks to my experience on the road, I already had those skills. I was free to change the programme a bit, which worked out well for me.

Another thing that was great: I didn’t need to worry about my equipment, thanks to the cooperation with BEAT. Everything had been taken care of. And the club’s trust in me is also very positive. In a sport were it sometimes comes down to thousands of a second, every little helps. By the way, March 15th we’re going to do all kinds of tests with our equipment in Alkmaar. More on that in my next blog.

In the end I had two whole weeks of good work in Portugal and I’m very happy with my current status. To put it this way: I’m on track. The past few days I’ve been training more in Monaco. Now I’m training in Alkmaar, where we have a number of important races coming up next weekend: the qualification races for the World Championships. It’s important for me to show good results during these races, because then I will have a big chance of being selected for the World Championships in Hongkong at the beginning of April.

It’s going to be a tough weekend, but the other Dutch riders and I need to give it our all there: if we don’t do it in Alkmaar, it’s unlikely that we’ll manage to qualify somewhere else this month. I need to show I have a good base level and then I have a month to perfect myself. I will now start training for specific races, focusing on explosiveness and speed.

Looking ahead to upcoming events, I’m excited to be giving a clinic on April 22nd as BEAT ambassador. The past few weeks I’ve had the chance to explain to a lot of people what BEAT is exactly, and it’s nice to see many people signing up straight away. BEAT can’t be big enough, so I hope to convince more people on the way.

But first the World Championships and the qualification races in Alkmaar. I’m ready for it.