Wanzeel Koerse: Going home with ‘fresh legs’

Piotr Havik

Today I experienced my first “setback” on my Road to BEAT: I was not allowed to start in Wanzeel Koerse (Elite Individual). I was really looking forward to this race. It was a course that fits my characteristics as a rider, I had some luck with the “bad weather,” and the field of participants was strong, with a lot of pro riders. All the BEAT pioneers would have been able to follow me “live” via the BEAT Cycling Club Instagram.

I would have liked to have a good story with a happy ending to share with them. But, unfortunately, it ended at the race registration table. The new rules in force this year did not allow me to start Wanzeel Koerse as an individual pro rider for BEAT Cycling Club. It was a little strange, because Wanzeel Koerse is an individual pro cycling race, which other pro riders can participate in on an individual basis.

So I assumed that I could start with my new pro-B license for this year, but unfortunately the regulations spoke against it.
Fortunately, I learned from this experience. From now on I will check everything three times and ask for approval before every race. I’ll soon change my program a little bit, but luckily there are still many beautiful races on the program!